Senator Mark Warner on Thursday at Hampton Rose said Putin’s attack on Ukraine will not go unpunished

Portsmouth, Virginia (WAVY) – U.S. Senator Mark Warner, chairman of the U.S. Senate Special Commission on Intelligence, arrives at the Hampton Rose on Thursday after Russian forces began a “full-scale” assault on Ukraine.

Warner issued a statement Wednesday night after Putin’s decision to attack.

“For more than 70 years, we have avoided large-scale war in Europe,” Warner said in part. “By his illegal invasion of Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has tragically ended decades of universal peace. Now the United States and our NATO allies must stand united and resolute against Putin’s efforts to renew the Russian Empire at the expense of the Ukrainian people. ”

Warner said it was time to “raise the level of pain for the Russian government after the initial wave of President Biden’s sanctions and strengthen the defense of our NATO allies by exploring how we can further help the Ukrainian people in times of need.”

Warner added: “While Russia still has the opportunity to change course, we can no longer hope that this confrontation will be resolved peacefully. So we all need to work together on both sides of the Atlantic to show Putin that this aggression will not go unpunished. “

On Thursday in Hampton Roads, Warner will join NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and others at NASA’s Langley Research Center to talk about research and technology related to space flight and climate change.

He will also meet with Michael Connor, Assistant Secretary of the Army (ASA) for Civil Affairs, in Portsmouth, to discuss $ 69 million funding from Law on Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs will be used to improve the Port of Virginia, and embark on a coastal sustainability tour as part of a coastal storm management project in Norfolk.

Kara Dixon of WAVY will have more details on Warner’s visit later today.

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