See: Biden is expected to report on the situation in Ukraine

(NewsNation Now) – President Joe Biden is expected to provide an update on the current situation in Ukraine at 3:30 p.m. EST on Tuesday.

The president is expected to make brief remarks and reiterate that the United States remains open to high-level diplomacy in close coordination with our allies, drawing on the many diplomatic solutions we and our allies and partners have offered Russia in recent months, “White said. house.

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Russia has recruited more than 130,000 troops near Ukraine, sparking fears of an invasion amid rising tensions with the West.

Russia denies it has plans to invade Ukraine, despite deploying troops on Ukraine’s border in the north, south and east and launching massive military exercises nearby.

The Russian military on Tuesday deployed long-range bombers and fighters with nuclear bombers carrying modern hypersonic missiles at its air base in Syria. mass naval exercises in the region.

This comes at a time when Ukrainian authorities said on Tuesday a cyber attack affected the websites of Ukrainian government agencies and major banks. The attack is the latest in several hacking operations against Ukraine.

At least 10 Ukrainian sites have shut down due to DDOS attacks, including the Ministry of Defense, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Culture and Ukraine’s two largest state-owned banks.

The ministry suggested that Russia could be behind the incident on Tuesday, without giving details. “Perhaps the aggressor resorted to petty mischief tactics because his aggressive plans did not work at all,” the statement said.

This was stated earlier on Tuesday by Russian President Vladimir Putin Moscow is ready for talks with the US and NATO on missile deployment restrictions and military transparency.

Speaking after talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Putin said the United States and NATO had rejected Moscow’s demands not to allow Ukraine and other former Soviet countries into NATO, to stop deploying weapons near Russia’s borders and to withdraw from NATO forces.

They agreed to discuss a number of security measures previously proposed by Russia.

More American troops are now being deployed to Poland, as US officials warn that the invasion could begin “at any moment”, causing “extensive human suffering” in Eastern Europe. Defense Minister Lloyd Austin is traveling to the region today to meet with Allied defense ministers, while the United States is withdrawing all diplomats from Kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, closing the embassy.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky continued to downplay the Russian threat, joking at some point on Monday that the invasion would take place “tomorrow.” U.S. intelligence says the invasion could happen as early as this week.

Representatives of the Biden administration warn that Russia could carry out Operation False Flag to justify an attack on Ukraine by fabricating a scenario in which Ukraine is the aggressor.

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