Richmond City Council presents redrawn voter maps with big changes

Richmond, Virginia (WRIC) – At a special council meeting on Monday, March 7, Richmond City Council announced its choice for a new voter card – but residents will still have a month to participate in public comments and vote.

The results of the 2020 census showed that in Richmond’s three constituencies used to elect city council and school board members, population deviations were more than 5% of the “ideal” that would ensure equal representation.

The 2nd and 6th counties grew faster than the rest of the city, leaving them with more residents than allowed by Virginia law, while the 3rd counties grew much slower, leaving too few residents.

In the maps below, the colored plots reflect the existing boundaries of the districts, and the black lines represent the 2C proposal that was recommended for adoption by the city council.

In the northern part of Richmond two large pieces were moved from the 2nd and 6th counties to the third. This step would unite several neighborhoods, uniting them in the 3rd district.

Meanwhile, in the East End, one building – Jefferson Townhouses – will be relocated from the 7th District to the 6th.

According to the plan, several adjustments were made to central Richmond.

First, part of the 6th arrondissement was divided between the 2nd and 5th arrondissements, bringing the boundary in line with 2nd arrondissement all the way from I-95 to the James River.

Then part of the 5th arrondissement, which includes parts of the Commonwealth University of Virginia campus and student housing plots, is scheduled to be moved to the 2nd, bringing the boundary in line with Main Street.

Finally, 8 quarters of the 2nd will be moved to the 1st, leaving the border to correspond to Arthur Ash Boulevard.

The three districts of the South Side of Richmond – 4th, 8th and 9th – will not see any changes on the proposed maps.

Although the council has approved the 2C proposal, there is still room for public contribution. On April 11, the city will hold a public meeting to get feedback on the 2C map and accept alternative suggestions from Richmond residents.

The city will also accept written comments until April 25 from:

  • Mail: Richmond constituency editing decade – Richmond City Hall; 900 E. Broad Street, Suite 305; Richmond, Virginia 23219
  • Fax: (804) 646-5468
  • Email:

The final public hearings and voting for the final redistribution plan of the district will take place on March 25.

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