Response to a report from Yangkin’s office that aimed at “separating concepts” in schools

The report from Public Learning Director Gillian Bell focuses directly on EdEquityVA, which has described itself as an effort to increase equity in education, close gaps in achievement and increase opportunities.

A wave of criticism followed an interim report by Virginia’s head of public education, which directly targeted public schools that disseminate “separating concepts” concerning diversity, equity and inclusion.

Gillian Barlow’s report, released Friday, outlines the initial results of a search for concepts, including a critical theory of race, that Republican Governor Glen Yangkin requested on the first day in office.

Now some who oppose the report’s findings are: Black Legislature in Virginia calls it another attempt by Youngkin “For further revision, rewriting, and erasure of history.”

The caucus letter ended with the words that “it is clear that the governor is concentrating the voices of a few, drowning out the voices of many.”

The Democratic Party of Virginia tweeted that the report demonstrated “Yangkin’s intention to whitewash the history of Virginia” and that the governor “is committed to eliminating the lessons of black history from our classes.”

The Yangkin administration has abolished a number of policies, memos, and other resources related to diversity, justice, and inclusion, which it called “discriminatory and divisive concepts” in the public education system. This was reported by the Associated Press.

The state education department also says it has repealed everything that was on its “culturally relevant website” because it contained concepts that could be considered divisive.

The report found no instances of teaching critical race theory in the classroom.

But he pointed to a number of Department of Education materials, memos, a webinar and a pilot program in mathematics as examples that he said had been identified and canceled.

It, in particular, mentioned topics that “correct bias in the system; include culture-based effectiveness in teacher evaluation; mitigate the imbalance of forces; develop policies to promote “anti-racism”, to be agents of change for social justice and academic justice ”.

EdEquityVA, one of the programs discontinued in the report, which describes itself as an effort to promote justice in education, close gaps in achievement and increase opportunities. The Bolov report describes EdEquityVA as teaching that current discrimination is necessary to combat discrimination in the past.

The web series called “Training 9/11” has also been canceled.

The 19-page report included what Barlow called a sample of material based on a critical theory of race put forward by the initiative.

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