Republicans are in favor of US energy independence, with Democrats criticizing the call

WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Republicans are urging the president to return the United States to an energy-independent country.

“Mr. President, it’s time to unleash American energy independence,” said Eliza Stefanik (RN.Y.).

Stefanik believes that the conflict in Ukraine and rising gas prices demonstrate the need for US energy independence.

“Today, people pay more per gallon per dollar than just a year ago, making it the highest since Joe Biden was last at the White House,” Stefanick said.

According to US Energy Information AdministrationThe United States imported nearly 200,000 barrels of oil from Russia in 2020.

Lawmakers such as MP John Joyce (R-Penn.) And MP Nicole Maliotakis (RN.Y.) are urging the president to push the US and our European allies away from Russian energy.

“We can deliver the energy we have at the feet of my constituents,” Joyce said.

“We need to be energy independent. We cannot be like Europe and depend on Putin for natural gas, ”Maliotakis said.

But Democrats warn that Republicans are playing politics and do not understand the real problems.

“Everyone who says Keystone is a solution to Russian oil doesn’t know a damn thing about the energy markets,” said Sean Costen (D-Illient).

Kasten says the reason for the rise in prices is that the US is already supplying gas abroad and reducing its volumes in the US market.

“We need to absolutely reduce global demand for Russian oil and gas, period. The producer of swings in the world is not untied states, the producer of swings is Saudi Arabia, ”Kasten said.

So far, Biden has not announced sanctions on natural gas from Russia.

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