Red Cross Awareness Month: Disaster Relief Team

NORFOLK, Virginia (Wavy) – Because of the wonderful weather we’ve seen lately, it’s easy to forget that this month is actually a month of reporting serious weather. But Red Cross and its volunteers respond to natural disasters year-round.

10 On Your Side got a chance to catch up with some of these volunteers to let you know what’s going on in response.

The disaster relief team often sees people in the worst days of their lives. Whatever the reason for the answer, you can count on the Red Cross, which will do its best to improve it.

Among his many titles is volunteer Ned Worman working with the Coastal Virginia Disaster Management Group.

In an accident, something happened to you in the woods when you came across Worman and his fellow volunteers – this is exactly what you want.

They provide shelter, food, water, medicine and other necessities when a tragedy occurs.

Most recently, Worman responded to Mayfield, Kentucky, after a tornado flare in December 2021. More than 15,000 buildings were reportedly destroyed and 71 people killed.

“These people were sitting in their homes preparing to celebrate Christmas as soon as hell came out of heaven and destroyed much of their city,” Worman recalls. “I mean, there’s nothing left there. It looked as if a giant egg whip had passed through the city and just skated and skated.

Shortly after these tornadoes arrived, Red Cross vans from across the country headed for the destruction. Worman was driving one of these vans, specially designed for serving food.

“This is our window for service,” Worman said, pointing to a large transport van. “In most cases, they were cut off from electricity and the food was of poor quality. Everything melted. “

He says it is not an easy job, but very useful. The most valuable asset you have is time. Some of them could be spent on volunteering! Ned says that if you don’t regret it, you won’t regret signing up.

“We give our time and energy to help these people, who in most cases have suffered great losses. If it happens tomorrow, we will be there, but the old saying is that these people are coming to your city … I hope you will never see any of these trucks in your city ”.

Regardless of the type of emergency, you can count on the Red Cross.

“We’ll be there for you day or night, 24/7, 365. It doesn’t matter. There is the Red Cross, ”Worman said.

If you want to volunteer at the Red Cross, Click here.

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