rabia, lágrimas y colapso in Beijing

BEIJING – Olympic champion of artistic patina in Beijing who felt like a vacancy. The subcampeona dijo that does not return to patinar. The favorite fue llorando sin decir una palabra.

Through one of the most dramatic nights in the history of the discipline, the trio of teenage teenagers of Russian patronage – Anna Shcharbakova, Alexandra Trusova and Kamila Valiyeva, respectfully – a future future.

The place where the Olympic participation took place and the life of a girl for a week, the plus of the World Cup, Valieva, on the 15th of March, is a possible sanction and a trainer who respects the fate of the act.

«¿Por qué lo dejaste escapar? ¿Por qué dejaste de luchar? “, Said Eteri Tutberdize – the trainer with the name of the district who was investigated by the positive of Valieva – in adolescence, captured by the camaraderie, the place of a double cauldron to win medals.


The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, said he was preoccupied with the intensified pressure to support the young patrons, especially Valieva, and criticized his employers directly in Tutberidze.

“When you know how to enter your country, you are very close, with the fact that it is a tremendous treasure, with the help of frostbite”, said in a press conference. “A place of consolation, a place of consolation, a place of consolation, a place. feel that atmosphere is cold, that distance ».

Algunos en el mundo del patinaje han presionado para elevar la edad minima de participasión en los Juegos Olimpicos de 15 a 17 or 18 años.

Mientras Valieva quedaba cuarta y salia de la pista entre lágrimas, la subcampeona olympicka de 2018, Яўгенія Мядзведзева, le mandaba un mensaje de apoyo.

“Estoy muy feliz porque este infierno haya terminado para ti”, said Medvedev in an Instagram post. “I love you very much and I love you, and I’m happy to be able to relay, car. I congratulate you on the final game that you can live with calm and breathe.”


Desafortunadamente para Valieva, todavía no puede relajarse. The positive in an anti-dazzle control that can be seen on the floor can also be applied to the head.

According to the Arbitration Tribunal, the Deportivo Competitive Arbitration Court in Beijing to avoid an “irreparable day”, but it is only valid to decide on the investment for the positive of trimetazidine, a drug for heart disease. El caso podría demorarse varios meses y arrebatarle, tanto a Valieva como al equipo ruso, el oro conquistado la semana pasada en la prueba por equipos.

The sub-champion, Alyaksandra Trusava, is also looking forward to the fact that her historians have a few salted quadruplets that are not served to support the compatriot Anna Shcherbakova in the light of the gold. “Odio este deporte”, gritó a un lado de la pista. “No return to hell.”

Trusova said that this content with patinaje, but not with the result, in an apprentice critique of the games, that dieron and Shcherbakova suficientes puntos extra por la la ejecución artística para subir a lo más alto del podio. Most of the time, you can say that your words about the future are “emotional”, fruit of the family with your family and your friends, but I do not want to compromise with the world in March.


The future of Shcherbakov and his fellow converts in rivals depended on many factors: the failure of the house of dopaje, any sanctuary of Tutberidze and the rest of the team of the series of legions that can affect a person.

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