Project Locrea brings an explosion of fusion to the Harrisonburg music scene

A star-studded evening of music for all is set for Friday, October 7 at Arts Incarnate in Harrisonburg.

Award-winning Washington, D.C.-based ensemble Project Locrea will present a live world music fold-fusion concert featuring instruments from around the world at 7 p.m.

Project Locrea is a world-folk fusion ensemble created by flautist Yana Nicole, which creates and performs original compositions and modern arrangements inspired by folk music of different countries.

Combining the sound and instruments of the world’s folk traditions with classical, jazz and contemporary music, the project aims at a better understanding and deeper connection between contemporary cultures.

The Locrea Project has performed in Washington, DC, Falls Church, Maryland and a music festival in China.

Arts Incarnate is located at 75 N. Mason St. in Harrisonburg.

Tickets are free for all students and children. Tickets are $10 at the door or online.

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