“Please help me find my son”: family desperately demands answers after the disappearance of a St. Petersburg man

Chesterfield County, Virginia (WRIC) – It’s been more than two months since the St. Petersburg man was last seen and his family has nowhere else to go.

According to Virginia State Police, 56-year-old Michael Allen Vin was last seen walking around the Chesterfield County Government Complex on Dec. 16 around 6 p.m.

According to members of his family, Vin went to his cousin’s house in Henry before returning to St. Petersburg that day. He was stopped by Virginia State Police and arrested for DWI. Vina was later released.

Wynn’s family told 8news that his truck was confiscated with ID, money, keys and a phone.

The video of the observation that evening shows him trying to call through a payphone on the street, but then he disappears from view. On video it seems that the camera or video crashes when Vin just disappears without capturing the direction he went.

Win did not appear in court on December 21 and was first reported missing on January 7.

There has been nothing about him since then, and his mother and the rest of his family have remained utterly devastated and confused.

Joyce Thomas is Vin’s mother, and about 9 months ago Win lived with her. Thomas was left unanswered after her son disappeared.

“No one from the family was in contact. It’s as if he’s just disappeared, “said Thomas.

Joyce Thomas at his home in St. Petersburg, holding a photo of Vinna.

“It’s the most painful and desperate feeling you can imagine,” Thomas said. A child is your child. It doesn’t matter what age they are. The pain is just as great, whether they are small or adults.

Win’s son Michael “Dylan” Win said that his father talked to his grandmother every day and would not do without her.

“I knew that when she was worried that something was very wrong,” Winn said.

According to his family, Vin is the father, grandfather of two little boys and has been working on construction since he was 18 years old. He enjoys working outdoors, fishing and listening to music.

“I hope to find him safe, but if that’s not possible, I just hope for answers,” Win said.

Since then, both Virginia and Chesterfield police have been looking for him.

Chesterfield police conducted several searches, the last search was conducted only last week.

Wynn’s family told 8news that last month police conducted a joint search within five miles of the Chesterfield courthouse complex with a dozen officers and family members. They said last week officers searched route 288 in a wooded area but found nothing.

In addition, Thomas said Vin could not see without reading glasses and most likely could not read the instructions on the payphone that he was seen on camera nearby.

“I feel suspended. I don’t know what to do, ”Thomas said.

Win is described as 5 feet 8 inches with brown hair and brown eyes. It weighs 150 pounds. and has a tattoo on his upper right arm. He also wears dentures, but didn’t have them when he was last seen. He may have been wearing a black and orange flannel jacket.

According to his family, Vin could also wear camouflage pants.

“Please help me find my son so we can bring him home. My family is in pain, ”Thomas said.

There is a reward of $ 1,000 for information leading to his location.

If you have any information, you are asked to contact Chesterfield Police.

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