People respond to a $ 165,000 home in Hawaii with a Jurassic Park bathroom.

(NEXSTAR) – The price is right for this Hawaiian home if you don’t mind living outdoors.

Off-line real estate on the Big Island cost $ 165,000 recently shared on social media channels Zillow Gone Wild, who jokingly describes himself as “Best of Zillow, lol”.

“For $ 165, I guess we have no choice but to move to Hawaii,” the signature said.

But a closer look at the photos shows that the house may not be for everyone. The two-story structure has only one real room, with a bathroom, shower and kitchen on the windy lower level, which is only partially protected by a porous bamboo barrier.

Samir Mezrahi, who created Zillow Gone Wild, joked that the bathroom reminded him of a scene in “Jurassic Park” when “T-Rex eats this guy”.

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Real estate agent Ivory Kelber, a real estate listing agent, admits that the enduring situation will not satisfy all buyers, but suggests that it goes to one person or couple – either from the Big Island or from the mainland.

“It’s a different lifestyle,” Kelber admits, adding that if you hate beetles, it may not be the house, but, on the other hand, snakes aren’t a problem. “If you live on this island, you will have to arrange strikes. It’s raw. It’s the youngest island in the chain, so we don’t have the infrastructure. “

While the lack of walls may hold back some, Kelber said the climate makes this style of architecture perfectly livable.

(Posted by Jordan Dilts / Ivory Culber)

“I want to say that our temperatures, you know, fluctuate maybe 10 degrees or something, and that’s why it’s always normal to be outside,” Kelber said. “The bedroom itself is closed and has shuttered windows so you can close them quickly and easily if there was a storm, strong wind or something like that.”

(Posted by Jordan Dilts / Ivory Culber)

The house is brand new and has solar power, water reservoirs, an open veranda and is located 15 minutes from the beach.

Zillow Gone Wild had a variety of comments: from excessive fear of centipedes and uninterrupted nature to excitement at the thought of moving there.

“He sold me to the toilet,” one man joked. “I could just sit there all day.”

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“Ironically, I love this kitchen,” the woman wrote. “The only thing I would change is to add cabinets, but otherwise the essentials are there, and there’s plenty of room.”

(Posted by Jordan Dilts / Ivory Culber)

One commenter simply said, “You’ve completely lost me here – I can’t do it even at night.”

(Posted by Jordan Dilts / Ivory Culber)

For others, however, the open concept and life on the island could not be more perfect.

(Posted by Jordan Dilts / Ivory Culber)

“Who wants to be indoors if you live in Hawaii,” one comment read.

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