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WASHINGTON – Dozens of residents of the apartment complex in Arlington, Virginia, are here. Hace una semanas, fueron notificados que tendrían que desalojar sus residencias asequibles antes de marina de marzo ya que el immueble sera demolido para el desarrollo de un nuevo projecto de strocción.

There are 60 of the Columbia Gardens Apartments, located near Columbia Pike, which are likely to be affected. This is a receipt of the 28th card, where the information that they are contracted in a series of renovations. Basically, having an appointment notice, you can see Telemundo 44: you have the 31st of March to leave your apartments.

“Hemos [estado] selling in other areas of the apartments and the truth that no one in the country is desperate, ”said Kerlin Padilla, one of the residents. “Entonces, como puedes ver, todas las personas aquí nos estamos deshaciendo de nuestras cosas y no sabemos todavía para donde nos vamos a ir”.

“AQUÍ NO EstáN Pensando en Las Familias, No Están Pensando EN Que Va A Haber Un Efecto Dominó Que Va A Afectar A Las Familias, A Sus Hijos, En Las Escuelas, Esto No Es Solo Moverlos a un lugar como que fueran unas Refeto without dignity ”, added the leader of the community Janette Valenzuela.

The state delegation, Alfonso López, expressed himself against the decision of the head of state, indicating that:

Sin embargo, pese a ser controversious, la akción no es ilegal. The Virginia Establishment Code states that real estate owners have a minimum of 30 days of notice for those with a month’s worth of money, and 120 days of notice at a time of money for a year.

Merion Companies, the company due to property, affirms our German NBC Washington station that has guaranteed the availability of units in an immovable circle for families who want to, by the very pagan price. Some elegant, inclusive, supportive people will receive an assistance of $ 200 per month.

But this help does not tranquilize the residences of the complex.

“I feel very sorry for the time he gave us,” said Marta Alegria, one of the residents. “In a month, let’s find out where to go.” And the apartments that we are referring to are just equal to the ratones and cuckoos ”.

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