On Tuesday, W&M is organizing a panel discussion “Russia, Ukraine and the Future of the Global Order.”

WILLIAMSBURG, Virginia (WAVY) – William and Mary will hold a panel discussion on the Russia-Ukraine conflict on Tuesday night.

The panel will cover issues such as:

  • “What are the reasons and political consequences of Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine?
  • What are the likely long-term consequences of the war between Russia and Ukraine – will the conflict escalate, how will it affect the alliances and what are the possible consequences for nuclear deterrence?
  • How are Russian disinformation campaigns affecting the current conflict? ”

Panel members include:

  • Steve Hanson, Deputy Vice-Rector for Academic and International Affairs; Latty Pate Evans, Professor of Public Administration
    • Connoisseur of Russian and Soviet history and politics
    • Written scholarly articles and books, including “Post-Imperial Democracies: Ideology and Party Formation in the Third Republic of France, Weimar Germany and Post-Soviet Russia” and the awards “Time and Revolution: Marxism and the Design of Soviet Institutions”.
  • Amy Oaks, Associate Professor of Public Administration; co-director of the Peace and International Security Project
    • His research interests include the internal causes of the war and the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.
    • He has written a book, The Sabotage War, which examines whether governments provoke international crises in response to domestic unrest.
    • Co-director of the project on international peace and security.
  • Lincoln Zaleski ’20junior manager of the AidData program
    • Specializes in Russian influence in Eastern Europe through media and information operations.
    • He has released a 2020 white paper for an international peace and security project entitled “Ink Stains of Disinformation: A Basis for Combating Authoritarian Disinformation Campaigns”.

The moderator will be Mike Tierney, director of the Institute for Global Studies and Hilton’s professor of government and international relations.

The discussion is open and will also be broadcast. Personal location – Tucker Hall, 350 James Blair Drive, room 127A.

Register for the event here if you plan to visit online. A link to the event will be emailed on March 1.

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