On Thursday in Virginia 1,644 new cases of coronavirus, 9,843 new cases in the last week

As of Thursday, Virginia has reported 1,644,694 coronavirus cases across the Commonwealth since March 2020.

Across Virginia, 80.9% of the population is vaccinated with at least one dose, while 72.1% of all Virginians are fully vaccinated, according to VDH.

Over the past seven days, Virginia has registered an average of 1,406 new cases a day. Over the previous seven-day period, Virginia recorded an average of 2,145 new cases a day.

The average daily new cases last week were 34.43% lower than in the previous seven-day period.

Here is a breakdown of 1,644 new cases registered on Thursday. Don’t see your town on the list? Use the search bar and enter the name of any city or county.

While you can see a sharp increase in the number of cases in Roanoke County by 486, the city of Salem reported a decrease of 390 cases and the city of Roanoke reported 61 cases less, so the total is just 35 new cases for the three communities.


(Daily breakdown of cases by localities and vaccine numbers is only available until noon, Monday through Friday.)

According to the Department of Health, the reduction in the number of cases may be due to the fact that a person is examined in a locality other than where he lives, or the process of automating laboratory results electronically may tie the wrong jurisdiction to a particular zip code.

The chart below shows the occupancy of hospital beds in the region.

Below is a map with VDG about where the cases were registered (Scroll through the built-in widget on your mobile device to see all the information):

Below are the latest nationwide vaccination figures with VDG (Scroll through the built-in widget on your mobile device to see all the information):


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