On March 16, Virginia will provide additional benefits on food stamps to families eligible for tariffs

Portsmouth, Virginia (WAVY) – On Friday, the Virginia Department of Social Services announced that later this month they will issue emergency payments to families eligible for benefits.

Officials say the benefits will be automatically uploaded to e-benefit recipient (EBT) cards on Wednesday, March 16th. However, emergency benefits are only available to current SNAP households and do not apply to EBT recipients in a pandemic.

Emergency allocations increase the amount of monthly assistance to existing SNAP families to the maximum allowed depending on the size of each household as follows:

Maximum SNAP allocations for 48 states and DC

Social services note that these benefits are only available through the Declaration of Emergencies in Public Health, which requires renewal from month to month.

Those who have questions should turn to them local branch of social services or visit CommonHelp at commonhelp.virginia.gov to access account information.

For more information on SNAP, how to apply and other assistance programs, visit dss.virginia.gov/benefit/.

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