Next week, Prince William’s schools will lift the mask requirement for students

Students in Prince William County, Virginia, from next week will be able to choose whether to wear masks in class.

Students in Prince William County, Virginia, from next week will be able to choose whether to wear masks in class.

In a letter to the community said superintendent Latan McDade masks will no longer be needed by students from February 22nd.

The announcement came days after Gov. Glen Yangkin signed SB739, which allows parents to choose whether to send their children to school in masks. The law gives school systems until March 1 to enforce.

Fairfax and Arlington Public Schools have announced plans abolish the requirements for the mask on March 1. Laudan County announced hours after Yangkin signed a bill abolishing the mask mandate on Feb. 22. However, District Court Judge James Fisher’s Order Immediately Bans District County Public Schools from fulfilling his mask mandate.

“Regardless of our individual personal beliefs, for or against disguise, as state and federal laws and guidelines evolve, we must evolve with them, and we must adhere to them,” McDade wrote. “… we recognize that some of these changes are welcome, while others are causing uncertainty. The health, safety and well-being of our students and staff, as well as the continuity of personal learning remain our top priorities. ”

School workers are still required to wear masks under the law, which requires employees to wear masks during times of high and significant transmission in society, as determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, McDade writes.

Students and adults riding in school buses will still be required to wear masks on the bus.

In the future, wrote McDade, the school system will monitor contacts and quarantine only if cases of coronavirus affect 10% or more of the population of the school or building.

“PWCS will no longer quarantine students and staff if schools are below that 10% threshold,” McDade said.

Earlier this week the county school board voted to repeal the requirement for unvaccinated teachers to undergo weekly testing.

Last month, school board chairman Babur Latif said the school system should consider “excluding” camouflage in schools.

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