News 8 Exclusive: Myrna Morrissey opens up about marital discord with Senator Joe Morrissey

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Less than a week after a judge extended state Sen. Joe Morrissey’s protective order against his wife and her boyfriend, Myrna Morrissey spoke to 8News in an exclusive interview detailing the turmoil of their marriage, which was someone else’s.

The pair have been the subject of controversy for years since first meeting she was a teenager working in his office. Joe Morrissey even served time in prison on charges of facilitating the delinquency of a minor. In 2022, former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam pardoned him.

Myrna Morrissey told 8News the past two weeks have been a nightmare.

“To sum it up…absolute hell,” she said. “I went back and forth a lot and didn’t get straight answers when it came to things.”

The couple’s domestic conflict became public on January 13 when Myrna Morrissey made an extensive post on Instagramclaiming her husband was infidelity, manipulation and absent parents.

Shortly after the allegations became public, Joe Morrissey released his own statement, claiming that their son Maverick had been abused by Myrna’s new boyfriend.

“I will say it and repeat it. Nothing happened to my children,” Myrna Morrissey said. “Nothing happened to my son. I did not allow my child to be beaten. I did not beat my child.”

8News reached out to the Chesterfield County Police Department to verify Joe Morrissey’s claims. The department confirmed it received a report of alleged child abuse and assigned a Special Victims Unit detective.

In an email today, a spokesperson for the department said there are no updates yet and the investigation is ongoing.

last week, 8News reported that a judge extended the emergency protective order which the senator originally posted on Saturday, January 14.

“I’m not done with Joe – you’re wrong and you’re going to pay for everything you’ve done,” Myrna Morrissey said on social media after the trial.

The pair were due to appear in court again, but the case was adjourned after six Chesterfield magistrates recused themselves. Instead, Roanoke Judge Frank Rogers, III., was appointed and extended the protective order.

Myrna Morrissey told 8News she is now looking for another judge, claiming her husband’s seat on the state Senate Judiciary Committee is a conflict of interest.

“I learned that the judge from Roanoke had some kind of relationship with Joe because Joe recommended him for the district court judgeship,” she said.

The pair will appear in court again on Friday, according to court documents.

“I don’t know if this man is capable of making an impartial decision based on his connections,” Myrna Morrissey said. “I understand who I am facing. It won’t be a sprint with Joe—it’ll be a marathon. I just want it done right.”

8News reached out to Joe Morrissey for comment, a spokesperson said he does not accept interview requests.

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