New CDC camouflage guidelines still wear indoor masks in 48% of Virginia cities and counties

Roanoke, Virginia “For now.” new CDC leadership abolishes camouflage guidelines for many Americans, the vast majority of Southwest and Central Virginia still encouraged to wear masks in public.

The new instruction recommends those who are in areas with a high level of COVID-19 community to continue wearing the mask in public.

In Virginia, 63 of the 133 cities and counties of the Commonwealth are at a high level.

The only places west of Charlottesville with a medium level are the counties of Buckingham, Green, Pittsilvania, Rockingham and Roanoke, as well as the cities of Salem and Roanoke. The only place with a low level of COVID-19 community in the same geographical area is the city of Danville.

Not surprisingly, in relation to the population, the figures tell a completely different story.


These 63 localities make up 1,920,143 Virginia residents, or 22.21% of the state’s population, according to the 2020 census.

Take a look at the interactive map below to see the COVID-19 community level for each county or city in Virginia:

Recommendations are based on COVID-19 community level in a specific area.

  • Low

  • Average

    • Same guide as Low

  • High

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