Tuesday, February 7, 2023
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Nations diverge, but Olympians find time to embrace

Bronze medalist of the Russian Olympic Committee Ilya Burov (left) hugs silver medalist from Ukraine Alexander Abramenko as they celebrate after the final wind competitions among men at the 2022 Winter Olympics on Wednesday, February 16, 2022, in Zhangjiakou, China. (AP Photo / Gregory Bull) (Gregory Bull, Copyright 2022 . All rights reserved)

BEIJING – Ideally, the Olympics are a time for nations reject politics and conflicts. This year’s games in Beijing against the background of human rights problems and the latter Russian doping scandal, challenged these values.

And yet from time to time there are hints that the Olympic spirit is alive.

Perhaps none of them were sharper than the hugs that Russian and Ukrainian athletes hugged on Wednesday night at the air freestyle final.

Associated Press photographer Gregory Bull captured the moment when bronze medalist Ilya Burov of the Russian Olympic Committee hugged silver medalist Alexander Abramenko of Ukraine.

With the Russians building up troops along the border with Ukraine, fueling global fears of imminent invasion, the festive moment between the two friends acquires additional symbolism.



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