Morning showers, fog gives way to wind, milder on Friday afternoon

Roanoke, Virginia – The wedge has been keeping us under a layer of cool humid air since Thursday morning. Friday morning, we start with temperatures mostly in the 30s and pockets of thick fog. Some downpours move to areas west of Parkway late in the morning along the Cold Front.

As soon as this front passes, the wind will rise. From lunch in the western half of the area gusts of 25 to 35 miles per hour are possible.

Wind speed and gusts forecast for Friday, February 25, 2022

Cold air will in a sense “linger” so high temperatures will be able to reach 50-60 degrees on Friday afternoon.

High temperature forecast for Friday, 25.02.2022

The weekend will be cool, sometimes there will be more clouds.

On Sunday, we will watch as weak unrest slides south of us. With a little cold air, it is possible that we will see a mixture of rain and snow closer to the North Carolina-Virginia border (possibly in the north, like Floyd-Montgomery-Giles).

What we track until Sunday morning, February 27, 2022

However, after that the temperature will rise to the middle of 50 degrees.


The forecast for the weekend is 26.02.2022 and 27.02.2022

The following week (March 1) the jet stream recedes to the north. This will allow the softer air to return to the picture. We will also keep things mostly dry.

Forecast of the Climate Forecast Center for 6-10 days from 2 to 6 March 2022

All this is reflected in the forecasts of the Climate Forecast Center for 6-10 days (see above).

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