More questions than answers in the case of a man shot dead by Norfolk police

NORFOLK, Virginia (VA) – Barry Carrington Jr., 34, faces a list of charges in an incident on Saturday night on Granby Street.

Charges against Carrington: Two counts of shooting at an inhabited home and shooting firearms in public.

The charges were filed after he was shot dead by Norfolk police on Granby Street on Saturday night in the 100th quarter, near the Irish pub and restaurant Grace O’Malley.

At about 10.30 pm shots were fired. Witnesses told 10 On Your Side that manager Grace O’Malley shouted “Come down” and told visitors to go to the back of the restaurant.

10 On Your Side checked a local police road scanner and court documents on what happened Saturday night before Carrington was shot and wounded by two Norfolk officers.

We had questions about what had been said about the scanner’s traffic, and about the possibility that Carrington had been seen with a gun earlier that evening.

A call came in: “The public is trying to get more information. The first caller said he was not pointing a gun at anyone and he was out of sight. Then another caller said he had a gun in his hand that was screaming and screaming and it didn’t make much sense and couldn’t see in which direction he was walking down Main Street. He was near the Hilton. ”

The Hilton is a few blocks from the scene of the shooting.

We wanted to find out from police whether there was a video from the body camera in which officers appear in Grace O’Malley before Carrington was shot – the answer is still unclear.

More scanner traffic from a person at the scene: “A gunshot wound to the body – in the arm. I don’t know where else. Heavy bleeding. At this point, he is conscious and breathing.

10 On Your Side tried to get answers to additional questions about what happened:

  • Carrington shot at officers? What was he saying? What happened when he was shot?
  • What prompted the officers to open fire?
  • How many shots did the officers fire?
  • Why was Carrington at Grace O’Malley’s?

We went to Carrington’s home address, which is listed on the arrest warrants.

There was no one, and the neighbors were either not at home or did not open the door.

Virginia Police will investigate Norfolk police officers, and their findings will be sent to Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney Ramin Fatehi, who will determine whether the shooting was justified. Fatehi was also at the scene Saturday night.

“I felt it was very important for me, as the person who ultimately had to decide on the legality of any police shooting, to be around to go to the scene and talk to investigators,” he said.

On Thursday morning, Carrington, who is in Norfolk City Jail without bail, is due to stand trial. He is currently in 10-day quarantine under COVID-19.

On Tuesday, Fatehi said he would ask a prosecutor from another community to investigate the criminal charges against Carrington, and Fatehi will also be involved in determining the validity of the shooting of Norfolk officers.

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