Miares, along with 24 other state attorneys general, accuses the Biden administration of gas prices

(WRIC) – Attorney General Jason Miares, along with 24 other state attorneys general, has signed a letter to the Biden administration criticizing the proposed climate and security rule in light of the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The letter was compiled by the Attorney General of Louisiana in the office of Jeff Landry and addressed to Acting Administrator Tristan Brown.

The letter came in response to a decision by the Office for the Safety of Pipelines and Hazardous Materials (PHMSA) to suspend the transportation of liquefied natural gas by rail tanks.

PHMSA originally published the proposed rule of 8 November 2021, referring to a number of issues, including “potential public safety and environmental impact (including significant environmental risks such as indirect greenhouse gas emissions in climate change)”.

A letter from the Landry office refutes these statements, stating that “the general concern that transporting liquefied natural gas by rail could lead to increased natural gas production, which could lead to an increase in greenhouse gases, is a weakened and speculative concern. not related to the scope of PHMSA’s regulatory objectives ”.

Of particular concern to prosecutors is the tension of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict domestic gas prices. The letter stressed “the need for the United States to maintain its energy independence through several distribution points across our country.”

The mood is similar to Fr. recent push Europe will abandon international oil imports and reduce its dependence on it.

The letter comes at a time when much of Biden’s agenda is climate-focused rotary in an attempt to keep energy prices at a reasonable level. At the moment, the United States and other allied sanctions against Russia have exempt transactions relating to oil and gas.

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