Metro is delayed, Loudoun Co. adopts a parking plan near Ashburn Station

Laudan County has set up a parking management area on the street near Ashburn Station when the Silver Metro Line starts operating.

Despite the disappointing news of the opening of a silver subway line in Virginia to Dulles International Airport and beyond was postponed againLoudoun County is moving forward with parking plans when trains finally start running.

On Thursday morning, bulldozers were moving dirt as construction crews worked in several locations in the town of Moorefield, south of Dulles-Greenway.

Construction continues at the Moorefield Station community, near Ashburn Silver Line Tube Station, which is not yet operational. (WTOP / Neil Augstein)

Dozens of blocks of new townhouses are new residents who will have a few steps to Ashburn Station when the Silver Line starts operating. Ashburn and Loudoun Gateway stations are built on average from Greenway.

Once the subway starts operating, it is planned to build additional houses in the area, as well as multifunctional buildings – including retail, restaurants and entertainment – in a pedestrian community accessible to public transport.

This week, the Louisiana County Supervisory Board approved a new one Street parking management area in the area of ​​Moorefield Station.

The area, which will include parking with meters near the station, as well as parking garages Ashburn Station South, which has yet to be built, is designed to provide visitors with places for safe and convenient parking without disturbing residential parking.

The Murfield Station-specific street parking management area is bordered by Loudoun County Parkway, Old Ryan Road and Vinegar Hill Drive.

There are currently about 400 street parking spaces in the area, and their number is projected to increase to 800 with future development.

Multi-car parks with meters will limit the number of meters. Only electronic payments via the app, credit and debit cards are accepted.

The Ashburn Station South South garage will have 1,540 parking spaces that can be reached from Silver Train Street and Croson Lane. The daily garage parking fee is $ 4.95.

Residents will be able to purchase a coupon for parking of residential premises, which will allow parking on public streets in the parking zone of residential premises with permission. The cost is likely to be $ 10 a year.

To set hourly rates for street parking, the Supervisory Board will need to make changes to the district Resolution on parking meters. The proposed rates for parking in the street parking management area near Moorefield Station are $ 1.25 per hour (during non-business hours) and $ 1.75 per hour (during peak hours).

A public hearings at the proposed parking rates will take place on March 9.

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