Man sentenced to 110 years in prison in Louise for “child sexual abuse material”

Louise County, Virginia (WRIC) – A man from Indiana convicted of child pornography in Louise County has been convicted of his crimes.

40-year-old Ora Good from Stuben, Indiana, was convicted in December 2021 of 11 articles on the production of child pornography, also known as “Material of sexual abuse of children.” Hood did not initially plead guilty during his indictment, but changed his plea to “guilty” before a jury trial could begin.

Court records show that Hood was found guilty on all 11 counts and sentenced to 110 years in prison. Good will spend only 20 years behind bars, and the rest of the time was rejected.

Earlier this year, the child revealed that Hood sexually abused them and illegally photographed them. After the child was uncovered the Louise County Sheriff’s Department said they went to a local camp where Hood was found and questioned. Police initiated a search and found forensic evidence corroborating what the child said.

LEADING STORY: In Louise, a man from Indiana was convicted on charges of child pornography

“There is no place for adults in society to hunt for children,” said Robert Traci, a senior assistant to the Commonwealth’s attorney. “Defendant chose the wrong district in which to exploit the child. He now knows about the Louise Child Safety Initiative, and we hope this case sends a strong message to those seeking to exploit children … If you try to use children in Louise County, the Louise County Sheriff’s Office will not calm down until you find yourself in custody. “

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