Malta will hold a vote on the election of the government on March 26

JAW – Voters in Malta will elect a new parliament in a few weeks as a result of the vote, which will also be decided by the next government of the island nation.

During a political event on Sunday, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abel announced that elections would be held on March 26 in the EU. He said he advised the Maltese president to dissolve parliament to clear the way for elections.

The Labor Party has been in power since 2013 after winning the election. Malta’s second major political party is the Nationalists. The government’s five-year term ended in June.

In the last election in 2017, Labor won with 55% of the vote.

This vote will be the first time the prime minister and his political opponent, who heads the nationalist party, will run as leaders of their political parties.

Abel replaced Joseph Muscat as Labor leader and prime minister in January 2020. Muscat has resigned amid protests following the arrest of businessman Jørgen Fenek over the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galicia, who was investigating corruption and connections. between business and politicians in Malta.


Fennec was involved in a major power plant deal with the government. In August last year, Fenech was charged with complicity in the murder of a journalist. The case continues.

The Nationalist Party is led by Bernard Sin, who took office in October 2020 after the party had internal differences.

Over the past five years, opinion polls have shown that the Labor Party is comfortably ahead of its rivals. The same polls also found a significant number of undecided voters.

Recent political scandals surrounding Abel or his government could affect voter sentiment.

One of the scandals focused on Abel’s work in 2018 as a lawyer for a property deal that allegedly could have been used as a legal loophole to evade taxes. Abel described such scandalous news as “political promotion”.

As a possible increase in the state of Labor, the economic prospects of Malta look bright. According to the European Commission’s economic forecast, the country’s economy is expected to grow by 6% this year, the highest percentage among EU countries.

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