Lynchburg celebrates MLK Jr.’s legacy as a public holiday

LYNCHBURG, Virginia – The Lynchburg community gathered unity on Saturday in the name of Dr. Martin Luther King, holding a walk and celebration.

Gathered at the edge of Martin Luther King Jr. Bridge, a crowd of Lynchburg residents prepared to walk in unity.

The event was postponed due to last month’s winter weather. But Dr. James Kamm, director of One Community One Voice, insisted they came together to honor MLK’s legacy.

“He looked at the fact that it should be a colorless melting pot, and that’s what we stand for,” Kamm said. “And we expect the same.”

As a Lynchburg resident for the past 25 years, city police chief Ryan Zudema said the walk on Fifth Street is significant.

“We want to continue to build trust and make sure our people feel comfortable communicating with our officers at all levels,” he said.

The crowd gathered near Federal Street, where various vendors stood and danced to the music.


Four-year-old Bruno revealed his creativity with every brushstroke on the art stand, and 8-year-old Xavier received hands-on woodcarving classes.

This is a vision that the proud female football coach of Lynchburg University Todd Olsen is proud to see.

“We have been a dividing nation for so long, and all that can bring unity to our community is a wonderful day,” he said.

Seeing the interaction of different generations, Kamm hopes this will be the beginning of a new tradition.

“It’s the most powerful part,” Cam said. “It makes us realize that if we just do everything together, we can make a lot of progress. We are all united by one thing. We wish everyone to live in peace and have a wonderful Lynchburg. So it’s a very good start. “

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