Loud message “Let Kamras lead” as the RPS school board approves the amended budget

RICHMOND, Virginia (WRIC) – The Richmond School Board approved the latest budget proposal by Chief Jason Comras, as amended by Board Member Jason Young, after dozens of attendees held placards reading “Comrade Comrades for the period of public discussion before the vote.

Proposal for a budget of 23 f.g. revised twice was presented by Komras after he was vetoed by the school board at the last session of the budget work on February 16, and at a meeting of the school council on February 22.

Several of the previous reviews included: an increase in the hourly rate for catering workers, an increase in investment in mental health support for staff, and a withdrawal of a previously proposed reduction in art specialist.

Proposal to increase wages

One of the previous proposals of the RPS School Board included the reduction of the RPS Steering Group, including the reduction of the Chief Operating Officer, formally employed by Alana Agasta Gonzalez, as well as the currently vacant position of Chief Medical Officer.

In the budget proposed by Komras, the positions were not reduced, as Kamras said without the two roles he could not “effectively manage” the division.

“RPS needs a major student for recovery,” Kamras explained. “Our students are facing unimaginable trauma from the pandemic and many of the challenges they have faced before COVID-19, issues that have only worsened over the past two years: gun violence, housing instability, poverty and more. And let me remind you that this position does not add new expenses to the budget, as it was created from the existing vacancy of the head. “

Richmond School’s father and 7th District member Jason Ellie said: “The prospect of losing the chief operating officer from any organization is dire. The loss of the chief operational adviser for an organization of this size, such importance, seems reckless. ”

“My children are in a mess now,” Oil continued. “They need all the support they can get.”

Question about funding the Richmond Virtual Academy was also a major topic during periods of public commentary during the three budget meetings.

Kim Jones, a teacher at Richmond Public Schools, said: “Our children should be able to stay in Richmond’s virtual academy because they thrive in that environment.”

“Once I was a child who had no other options, our students deserve a virtual opportunity,” said Alicia Winning, a second-grade teacher at Richmond Public Schools.

Kamras ’initial budget for fiscal 2022-2023 included a 5% salary increase for employees and bonuses for full-time and part-time workers. This also included salaries for “10 positions in Richmond’s rethought virtual academy”.

The Richmond Virtual Academy was launched earlier in the school year to give preschoolers and elementary students the opportunity to study at home. 8News learned through previous reports that at the beginning of February the academy had 80 employees and more than 550 students. This means that with the proposal of Komras 70 employees will be excluded from the program.

The proposal to amend the latest budget proposed by Komras was made by Jonathan Young, who approved the entire budget of Komras. The amendments included changes that would retain 20 faculty members at Richmond Virtual Academy in addition to the 10 previously proposed by Comras, and the allocation of additional academy funding of $ 1,006,031 from Comras ’previous proposal. The proposal was supported by Kenya Gibson and adopted, and all board members voted unanimously in favor.

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