Lindsay Ward leaves in March this year

Roanoke, Virginia – This article is difficult to write in one sense and exciting in another.

Not to bury the ice, Lindsay Ward’s last day at will be March 4th.

Answering a question you may be asking: no, no one is kicking out Lindsay.

If you remember, back in September, Lindsay and her husband gave birth to their first child.

I will allow Lindsay to explain the rest.

“Shortly after she was born, I knew I could not continue my pace of work and be the mother I wanted to be,” Lindsay wrote in a letter to WSLS Insiders. “It’s a house. I’m not leaving. It’s just time for me to join you at the table and watch . “

Read Lindsay’s full letter, you first need to become a WSLS insider. (Don’t worry, it’s free!)

Lindsay has been with us since she was hired as a reporter on a weekday in March 2008.


The Alegani County native didn’t take long to climb the station, quickly became a presenter on the weekends and then, in 2012, switched to weekdays at the base table.

While at Alleghany High School, Lindsay was a member of the cheerleading team. (Lindsay Ward)

Since then, we haven’t had a single news release that Lindsay didn’t host at one point.

In 2019, she also took on the role of host of our life show “Daytime Blue Ridge”.

[See pictures of Lindsey throughout her time at ]

Who could forget if Lindsay traveled through the pond in 2018 to illuminate the wedding of Megan Markle and Prince Harry?

We certainly can’t forget when she is interviewed Dennis Quaid after the actor adopted Dennis Quaid, a executioner at the Lynchburg Shelter named after him.


To say that we will miss Lindsay in the editorial office is to say nothing. At the same time, we are all here very excited about this next chapter for her and we wish her nothing but the best!

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