Legacy Lounge is appealing after Norfolk City Council revoked the permit

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVE) — The owners of Legacy Lounge have filed court papers asking for an appeal after the Norfolk City Council revoked the nightclub’s conditional use permit (CUP).

In the documents, Legacy Lounge is asking the court to declare Norfolk City Council’s actions unlawful.

See court filings here

The latest comes just over a week after the city council closed the nightclub due to violence concerns. In a 7-1 vote on Sept. 14, the City Council withdrew the CUP Legacy Lounge after about two months of operation.

A spokesperson for Legacy Lounge says the recall has “effectively halted all business operations and approximately two dozen jobs.”

The appeal decision is made with the hope that this process will resemble transparency and fairness. They maintain a constant invitation to dialogue with the city council, city management and the surrounding city center.

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City Attorney’s Office officials said the nightclub violated the CUP on the evening of a quadruple shooting outside the Heritage unless they had security listed. One of the four wounded in the shooting was a Norfolk sheriff’s deputy.

“Legacy’s Conditional Use Permit (CUP) requires it to be worn by security personnel who are tasked with supervising and restraining patrons and peacefully and effectively resolving dangerous situations to prevent injury,” said Chris Jones, a spokesman for the city of Norfolk.

The restaurant’s attorney told council members that the incident was an isolated incident and that there were no violations at the club.

Legacy is it the third nightclub closed by the city council in the past year.

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