Kotsur, “Summer of Soul” at the start of the Indie Spirit Awards

SANTA MONICA, CA. – Troy Kotsur’s “CODA” and the documentary “Summer of the Soul” were among the first winners of the 37th Independent Spirit Awards on Sunday. The ceremony, hosted by Nick Oferman and Megan Malali, took place in a tent near the beach in Santa Monica, broadcast on AMC and IFC.

“If you don’t win, you can just go to the ocean,” Oferman said.

Mulali and Oferman actively started the show, both in three-piece suits and shirtless vests at the bottom. Sarah Silverman appeared in the pre-recorded segment, offering her services as a backup host because Malali and Oferman joined Twitter “until 2015”.

Married presenters said they hoped to become the biggest Hollywood couple in the room, and were alarmed that Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard were there to get ahead of them.

“A-letters and indie stars? “Choose the lane, you greedy bastards,” Oferman said.

They recognized Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Oferman said he hoped “Putin (obscene) would come home” and asked the public to send him “a salute to the Spirit Awards.” Many raised their hands with their middle fingers.


Historically, the Spirit Awards are held on the Saturday before the Oscars, but this year has been moved a few weeks higher.

“Summer of the Soul” became the best documentary. The film brings back to life the largely forgotten 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival.

“I will not cry now, I will not, I will not,” – said the director of “Summer of the Soul” Questlow.

Troy Kotsur received another promotion before the Oscars, receiving the award for best supporting actor for “CODA”. He also received the Actors Guild Award.

“I feel the spirit of art and we can celebrate together,” Kotsur said.

Marley Matlin, who presented the first prize for Michael Sarnoski’s screenplay for “Pig,” encouraged screenwriters to think of deaf actors when writing screenplays.

The show can sometimes serve as a preview of what will happen on the night of the Oscars. Last year, Chloe Zhao’s film “Wandering Country” became the best film and director at Indie Spirits before winning the top Oscars. “Moonlight”, “Spotlight”, “Birdman” and “12 Years a Slave” also won at Spirits before taking the best picture at the Oscars.


Due to production budgets, many contenders for the top awards this year were not eligible to qualify, including “Belfast”, “King Richard” and “Dog Power”. To account, filmmaking should cost less than $ 22.5 million.

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