“It’s bullying”: members of the Richmond School Board oppose the slowdown of the George White City Reconstruction Council

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – On Monday night, some members of the Richmond City School Board spoke a few strong words in response to the fact that the City Council has entered into a contract to renovate George White High School.

Dr. Shonda Harris-Mohammed, chairman of the 6th District Council, said she met with City Council President Cynthia I. Newbil to discuss contract services for George White High School.

The meeting ended with Newbil requesting a third round of interrogations from the school board.

The council expressed disappointment with the city council for slowing progress on George White’s recovery and withholding the funds needed to begin work.

“I’m not going to say what I want to say because what I want to say is not very polite,” said Jonathan Young, a member of the 4th District Board.

“The only reason we haven’t contracted to design new George White’s services is because there are a few city council members who, like Lucy with a soccer ball, are constantly pulling him out of Charlie Bowne.”

Some council members were embarrassed by the incessant interrogations by the city council, while others believed it was a deliberate force to subordinate the council.

“What we are seeing is the destruction of democracy,” said Kenya Gibson of the 3rd District.

“We should all be concerned that both the mayor and the city council are really confident that they can sign this contract,” Gibson said. “I think at this point we should sue. I doubt the legitimacy of the City Council to maintain the funds already allocated for the construction of the school. “

The council itself is arguing about the City Council’s participation in the project. Of the nine members, five seem to be strongly opposed.

“It’s bullying,” Gibson said. “I think it’s very sad that we’re in this place, but I’m incredibly proud of the four colleagues I’m sitting with who don’t accept the status quo.”

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