In York County, a man was sentenced to an additional year in prison for concealing a woman’s body

YORK DISTRICT, Virginia (VA) – A man was sentenced to an additional one year of active imprisonment for concealing a woman’s body in April 2020.

Robert Carroll has already been sentenced to 12 years in prison in Norfolk in connection with the same incident, the death of 45-year-old Marcia Sabrina Distas, aka Marcia Dumas.

On January 6, Carol pleaded guilty to concealing the body and was sentenced to five years with a four-time reprieve in York-Paquoson District Court, according to online records.

У September 2021 a judge from Norfolk gave it to him 20 years with 10 deferrals for grievous bodily harm, five years with three deferrals for concealment of the body and five years with all five deferrals for strangulation.

Distaso’s the body was found behind the Tabb Library in York County on April 19th.

A day later, the York-Paquason sheriff’s office and Norfolk police announced that authorities had arrested two men in connection with the illegal removal of Distas’ body: Carol and Kevin Dunn.

Dan was charged in York County with illegal disposal of the body. He pleaded guilty on December 4, 2020 and was sentenced to three years with a two-year, eight-month suspended sentence.

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