In addition to books: Chesapeake Public Libraries

Chesapeake, Virginia (Wavy) – Books and the library go hand in hand, but did you know that many public libraries have a number of life-changing opportunities besides books? Check out what Chesapeake has done to provide free access to adventure, art and more.

“COVID has demanded that we all learn a little differently and learn new skills,” said Amanda Jackson, director of Chesapeake’s public libraries.

“One of the things we’re probably proud of is ours Dr. Clarence W. Coffee Library of Advocacy and Innovation (COIL). It’s a library that already existed, and when COVID came along and schools had to go virtual, we wanted to see how we could help support them in a different way. ”

So they reconstructed the facility to become an innovation and information library, Jackson said.

“We took our staff and transferred them to move to the community because we had people who didn’t come to the library. They did not feel comfortable leaving their homes. So how can we get to them? How can we help them navigate this new virtual world? Our staff is very skilled in how to use computers and all the latest technology. ”

When you walk through the COIL door, you don’t see many books on the walls. What you see now is called a work of art «Opposites are attracted».

“This is a local couple doing art in two different ways. One is very planned and very structured. The second is very emotional about feelings and how feelings are transferred to paper, and so we are very happy about that, just to show children that there are so many different ways to express yourself, “said Jackson.” Art can be anything and we are ready give them space not only to feel it but also to take part in it ”.

The library also embarked on story walks.

“If you go to some of the parks here in Chesapeake, you can walk the path, enjoy the family outdoors and learn books at the same time. So, each frame is a different page, and during your walk you will read the whole book. “

Jackson says they also present their “Library of Things”.

“We will test things like telescopes and natural backpacks. This summer we started a program where we check the season tickets to the museum. “

Season tickets are free for regional museums such as Chrysler and Nautical in Norfolk, Art Children’s Museum in Portsmouth and POWER in Virginia Beach.

“You can check it out just like you would check a book. You give it back and someone else enjoys it. ”

Free choice between art, adventure, reading and nature. They are all part of the emphasis on equality and justice, according to Jackson, this is very important.

“Not every family has the same opportunity to give their children experience because they are limited by the economy, and the library is a great place to bridge this technological and economic gap.”

Something you might not have known; you don’t necessarily have to live in Chesapeake to have Chesapeake Library Card. The library also offers free online and personal training.

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