Horizon Behavioral Health covers a month of reporting on developmental disorders

Madison Heights, Virginia – March Month of informing about developmental disordersand one organization in Lynchburg covers the needs of both patients and their families.

Gary Marple says his 53-year-old daughter Lisa was born with a nervous system disorder and has been confined to a wheelchair for most of her life.

“Now she needs care because I will be 85 years old [years old] this year. My wife will be 80, ”Marple said.

Last year, he moved Lisa to a home owned Horizon Behavioral Health. Marple often visits her daughter.

The organization is active eight objects through Lynchburg and Madison Heights, providing round-the-clock care to nearly 40 adults with special needs.

Round-the-clock treatment includes doctors, nutritionists, access to therapy – even nail painting.


Housing manager Amy Ferguson wants people to know that their residents are the same as everyone else.

“They have goals they want to achieve, just like we do. They enjoy life as much as we do. They bring happiness to the world that is unmatched by anything, ”Ferguson said.

Marple also wants to raise awareness of the struggles his family – and others – have faced over the years.

“Finding a dentist, for example, is almost impossible. It is very difficult to find the level of care you will find in a doctor’s office because there is no feedback. You know [those with developmental disabilities] “I can’t tell you where they hurt,” Marple said.

In the so-called “Horizon Homes” residents stay there for life when they call.

Ferguson says aid prolongs life.

“Individuals are going through their life expectancy,” Ferguson said.

When she started working with Horizon in 2006, life expectancy was about 55 years, Ferguson says. Now it is closer to 70.


This is a tender care that any parent would like about their child.

«[Lisa] will take care of her for the rest of her life, ”Marple said.

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