Hooligan haircut: Richmond’s barber shop destroyed

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – A family barber shop in South Side was smashed by a masked prankster on Tuesday night, leaving the owners’ team stunned by the motives.

As can be seen in the security video shot at the A-1 Cuts barber shop, on Tuesday at 19:48 an unknown person threw an unknown object into the glass door of the shop window.

The family of the company turned to 8News to help identify this person. 8News has agreed not to disclose the identities of business partners because of their own security concerns.

“Why? Why? I just don’t understand why? .. You know, my heart breaks when something like that happens, ”a relative of the store owner said on Wednesday.

The video shows a man in a green sweatshirt walking near a shop window, followed by a masked man dressed in dark colors. The second person throws an object at the front door, breaking the glass.

After inspecting the damage, the person who dropped the item takes the same item and throws it away again before starting to move away. However, after two steps they turn to retrieve the object before exiting the frame.

“As if they were soulless,” said a family member.

“It was very disturbing to see them do it twice.”

The business owner said a report had been filed with the Richmond Police Department.

The RPD wants the public to know that they are very serious about reports of vandalism and that vandalism is a crime.

“If I see this happening over and over again, I think why?” The business owner said. “You don’t need to clap your wrist and let go. This needs to stop. They should be held accountable if they do such things. ”

Richmond police shared recommendations to prevent vandalism or greater impact on it, including lighting homes and businesses, establishing security and cleaning as soon as it happens.

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