High gas prices expected to remain in Virginia, AAA shares ways to save

Chesterfield County, Virginia (WRIC) – If you’re in pain from a pump, you’re not alone. Gas prices are rising across the country, forcing drivers to dig deeper into their pockets.

Derrick Skinner said gas prices are now the highest in eight years, these days refueling his sedan is much more expensive. He said his wallet was being knocked down.

“Probably about a year ago it cost me about $ 29 or $ 30 to fill that tank. Now it costs me $ 42, ”Skinner said.

Due to the fact that pump prices have jumped in Virginia by eight cents in just the last week, rapidly rising gas prices are cutting Uber driver Hunter Strong’s profits and his future plans.

“At least $ 50-60 per tank, that’s a lot. It’s not very helpful for me because I’m accumulating in college, ”Strong said.

Average gas prices per gallon in the Richmond region have risen nearly a dollar a year, now at $ 3.36 a gallon compared to $ 2.43 a gallon this time last year.

“We’ve really seen them rise sharply,” Morgan Dean said AAA Mid-Atlantic Spokesman.

Dean said he was to blame for the high price of crude oil, as it accounts for more than 50% of what consumers pay for pumps.

According to Dean, tensions between Russia and Ukraine combined with optimism over falling omicron cases are increasing the price of crude oil. These factors contribute to increased demand for gas, while supply is limited.

So what can drivers do to save money? Dean said for a start, lose extra luggage.

“Losing weight from a vehicle will improve your miles per gallon.”

Other ways to save include:

  • Shopping at the best prices: AAA has an app that can help.
  • Avoid idling: if your car is idle for more than ten seconds, it consumes more gas than when shutting down and restarting.
  • Finally, drive carefully: aggressive driving and braking waste gas.

Experts said there would be no further relief. As long as oil prices remain above $ 90 a barrel, prices will remain high. In addition, gas prices usually rise during the spring break and summer season as demand grows.

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