Hanover NAACP calls for an investigation into the activities of a deserting MP

Hanover County, Virginia (WRIC) – The Hanover County NAACP has called for an investigation into the case of a deputy sheriff who is currently without certification after he allegedly made false statements while working.

The call for verification comes after 8News first uncovered disciplinary action against Virginia police officersrecently fired in light of a new state law that requires further monitoring of their implementation.

The Hanoverian NAACP said it had sent a letter to the Commonwealth of Hanover prosecutor asking it to investigate the cases handled by Deputy Christopher Ryan Payne, noting that at the time of the 8News investigation they had already received 30 complaints.

Public records show that Payne “reported inaccuracies.” Prior to that, he was named “Officer of the Year” several times.

On Monday, February 21, the sheriff’s office said it was investigating Payne in late November in consultation with the Commonwealth Prosecutor’s Office, and said he had “resigned for a reason.” However, they did not share the reasons why it is no longer in force.

The NAACP claims that some people were charged under false pretense after Payne interacted with them.

In one example, NAACP President in Hanover Patricia Hunter-Jordan claimed that someone was accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, but initially watched them and then stopped Payne for driving through a stop sign.

“They had another vacation, they had to go back to court, they were losing money from work, all because of the things that were happening,” Hunter-Jordan said of the consequences of those with whom Payne allegedly interacted.

Hunter-Jordan said she is confident the county attorney can conduct an investigation without outside influence from the sheriff’s office where Payne worked from 2015 to 2021, she said the NAACP could turn to an investigation elsewhere if they don’t get the desired results.

The county and the sheriff’s office did not share specific charges around Payne.

Among other police departments where officers were deprived of certification, Chesterfield and their police chief, Colonel Jeffrey Katz, explained in detail why he fired several of his officers after allegations of police misconduct.

In the afternoon, a statement from the Hanover Sheriff’s Office said that an internal investigation into Payne “is an example of law enforcement taking responsibility and wanting only the best to be part of the profession.”

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