Granholm will embark on a nuclear program tour at HBCU South Carolina

COLOMBIA, SHK – US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm this week is visiting South Carolina, stopping at a historic black university to demonstrate what the Biden administration says about its commitment to funding nuclear technology in such facilities across the country.

On Thursday, Granholm is set to attend a nuclear engineering program at South Carolina State University, Associated Press officials said. Together with Jim Clayburn, a graduate of Orangeburg School, Grenholm plans to discuss federal funding for science, engineering, engineering and math programs at historically black colleges and universities.

The visit, Granholm’s first to South Carolina as secretary, takes place as President Joe Biden and other officials advertise progress made in the implementation of the adm A $ 1 trillion bipartite infrastructure packageafter failures on other issues, including voting rights and other economic efforts.


The trip to South Carolina also includes a roundtable discussion between the leaders of Granholm and HBCU, as well as a visit to the Clemson University Wind Test Center, where wind turbine transmission is being tested. This follows Granholm’s discussion of similar funding initiatives while traveling to other HBCUs.

At Howard University in May, it announced funding of more than $ 17 million to support college internships, research projects, and opportunities to boost investment in underrepresented HBCU and other institutions serving minorities. According to the administration, such efforts underscore the desire to help strengthen the pipeline of such energy-focused schools.

South Carolina is the only HBCU in the country to offer a four-year nuclear engineering program. In June, the Ministry of Energy awarded over $ 2.85 million aims to study the study of nuclear physics and particle physics for students of HBCU and other institutions serving minorities.


SC State is often a popular destination for national-level Democrats campaigning in South Carolina, in part because the area has many black and democratic electorates, as well as its ties to Clayburn, the state’s only Democrat in Congress and the highest-ranking black members of Congress.

But Republicans, including former UN ambassador and South Carolina Gov. Nicki Haley, also visited nuclear research facilities along with Haley went to school in April in one of her first public appearances since returning to her home state and possibly scaling up for future work in a senior position.

By order of Claiborne Biden gave up December start address SC State graduates, saying it would “offer historic investments to create and expand HBCU programs in high-demand areas such as cybersecurity, engineering and healthcare.”


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