Governor Yangkin calls on Roanoke to end partnership with Russian twin city, the organization says

Roanoke, Virginia – In the wake of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Governor Glen Yangkin calls decisive action in support of Ukraine.

In particular, the governor called on Roanoke to end the partnership with the twin city with the Russian city.

Since October 1992, the twin cities of the Roanoke Valley have been involved in numerous humanitarian, educational and medical initiatives in Pskov, Russia.

The Roanoke Partnership has supplied medical materials and equipment for hospitals, orphanages and hospices in Pskov, reports website of organizations.

In response, the organization sent this letter to the governor on Saturday:

“Your Excellency:


Roanoke Valley Sister Cities, Inc. appreciate your care for the people of Russia, especially for the citizens of our twin city, Pskov. We value our partnerships with seven twin cities on four continents. We seek to promote mutual understanding, friendship and peace, as President Eisenhower suggested at his 1956 White House summit on civil diplomacy. Through mutual respect, understanding and cooperation, we can advance our mission – one person, one community.

No time to tell our friends in Pskov that we want to sever ties with them. Although we may disagree with the policy in Russia or in the countries of any of our twin cities, we do not engage in politics and do not take a political position on any issue. Our human relations are the best way to show the people of Pskov and Russia in general that the citizens of the Roanoke Valley and the American people are not their enemies, and we do not consider them our own.


Please accept our best wishes for the success of your administration in improving the lives of all Virginia residents.


Mary Jo Fassier, President

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In addition to calling on the city of Roanoke to end their partnership, Governor Yangkin also called on the city of Norfolk to end its partnership with Russian counterparts.

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