Fox Elementary and content insured for up to $ 17 million, temporary relocation site

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – Richmond Public Schools held a meeting Wednesday night to further discuss what will be next for the Fox Elementary School community. The school burned down on Friday night, shocking society and leaving students without a place to study.

For the next few weeks, Fox students are learning virtually while the school district is working to provide a temporary place for learning where all students can continue learning together.

At the meeting, superintendent Jason Camras said Clark Springs Elementary School could be the next place for students. The building is currently being used as a warehouse. The school was closed in June 2014, but was temporarily used again in 2015 Elkhardt High School students were relocated because of mold.

They also received offers from museums, religious and corporate premises for students to come there to study during the renovation.

The insurance policy for the school building includes money for temporary relocation.

According to Komras, Fox Elementary School is insured for up to $ 13 million and maintenance for up to $ 4 million. The insurer is VACORPthe provider’s website states that he works with local governments.

The school district will work for the next three to four weeks to determine whether the school will be built from an abandoned shell or beaten down and built from scratch.

Kamras said he did not know how much it would cost to restore the site.

School Board Chair Dr. Shonda Harris-Mohammed said the board did not discuss a potential new place or where students would study in person during school rebuilding.

The school district also appealed to donations at the meeting, saying they could not take money from the GoFundMe pages. All money must be donated through the RPS Education Fund.

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