Former FBI agent questions “annoying” details of Brian Landry’s autopsy

Tampa, FL (WFLA) – The Brian Landry’s autopsy included several answers about the last moments of his life, but the report raised a big question for one retired FBI agent.

The remains of 23-year-old Landra from North Port were found in late October at the Carlton Preserve According to investigators, about a mile from the entrance to an environmental park in the area, which was about 3 feet underwater during the rainy season.

The FBI said Fr. a notebook found near the remains included a confession that Landry killed 22-year-old Gabi Petit, whose the body was found in Wyoming in late September. She was strangledsaid the coroner in that state.

The young couple had went on a journey through the middle countries in late July, describing their journey with joyful photos, videos and blog posts.

An autopsy revealed that Landry had committed suicide and used a .38 caliber revolver, and a deadly projectile was found buried about 6 inches of soil 50 to 60 feet from his remains. There are two cartridges left in the chamber of the gun.

The skeleton was “almost complete,” the report said. but was a little distracted by the “activities of the carnivores.” A toxicology report completed this month claimed Landra had no drugs in her body.

In addition to the magazine, about which Landry talked a lot, a wooden box with pictures and a small notebook, as well as “handwritten, half a note” were also found at the scene. A white metal ring was found there.

Jennifer Coffinhofer, who worked for the FBI for 25 years, was brief when asked if she had ever seen a case like the Landry-Petite saga.

“No,” she said.

Most surprising for Kofindafer was the determination that Landry shot himself in the left side of his head, despite signs of an autopsy that he “dominated with his right hand.”

“It was unpleasant,” she said. “Because it’s not appropriate for right-handed people to commit suicide with their own hands.”

In her opinion, this fact suggests three possibilities. First, the laundry could be ambidextrous.

“Or he used his left hand because he was holding something like a painting in his right hand,” she said.

The third opportunity offered by Kofindaffer, no doubt, could arouse social media seekers. She said it could also mean Landry assisted in the suicide.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist at all, but I can’t ignore facts as well as statistics,” she said. “And statistics will say that mostly right-handers do not commit suicide with the left hand.”

According to Kofindafer, that part of this wonderful story that has attracted the attention of the whole world has its legs.

“Of course, for social media detectives,” she said. “To me, right does not end because it ends with a question mark. How and why he used his non-dominant hand to shoot himself. “

As for what was in the notebook, the magazine and even half the notes – Kofindaffer said the best chance for the public to see any of this evidence would be in a civil case.

“It’s the evidence belongs to close relatives“she said.

The Civil Court would have published this evidence if it had been admitted in court.

Nexstar contacted the FBI office in Denver, but on Monday did not receive a response immediately.

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