Five viral moments from the state of the Biden Union

(The hill) – President Biden on Tuesday made his first address on the state of the Union in the shadow of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

However, many viral moments were also known in the appeal, from one of the audience participants who offended the president, to applause for the resigning Supreme Court judge.

Here are the most viral moments of Biden’s speech.

Biden’s big mistake

Biden made a notable mistake during his big speech when he called the Ukrainians “Iranians.”

The absurdity occurred early in his speech when he overthrew the president of Russia Vladimir Putin to begin the invasion of Ukraine. Even though his praise of the Ukrainian people caused applause from the two parties, his reservation did not go unnoticed on social networks.

Biden’s official transcript said he wanted to say: “Putin can surround Kyiv with tanks, but he will never win the hearts and souls of the Ukrainian people.” Instead, he said, “Putin can surround Kyiv with tanks, but he will never win the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.”

These remarks were widely circulated on Twitter, including on the House of Judiciary’s Twitter account, which read: “Iranians?”

Sumer demonstrates his enthusiasm with Biden’s speech

Leader of the majority in the Senate Charles SchumerExcessive enthusiasm in Biden’s response (D-NY) sparked an overdrive on Twitter after he started cheering a little early.

“Unlike the two trillion tax cuts passed by the previous administration, which benefited one percent of Americans,” Biden said of his former predecessor. President Trumpduring his speeches.

The cameras moved to Sumer, who stood up alone while Biden was in the middle of the sentence, clapping his hands. He looked across the aisle with a smile and then sat down again.

Biden went on to say that “the American rescue plan helped save people and left no one behind.”

Sumer jumped out of his chair again, this time joined by many of his fellow Democrats, who began with loud applause from Biden.

Sumer’s false start, which hit the camera, was wide shared on social media when Biden’s speech continued, and many called for an immediate “gift” of his awkward moment. Republican Rep. Matt Goetz (R-Fla.), In response to a viral moment, tweeted: “We are all trying to understand the fluctuations and mutterings of Joe Biden’s time …”

Bobert tricks Biden’s speech

Rep. Lauren Bobert (R-Colo.) Repeatedly scolded President Biden during his speech on the state of the Union and at one point shouted that Biden had put American troops in coffins, “13 of them.”

Biden ignored the comment and instead went on to say that American veterans are being exposed to burning pits. He mentioned his son Bo Biden, who died of cancer after serving in Iraq near burns.

Her comments were met by Democrats with announcements. Many of her Republican counterparts seem to have ignored the exchange.

However, this was not the only time Bobert interrupted him during his speech.

When Biden moved from talking about his candidacy to the Supreme Court to immigration reform, Bobert along with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ga.), Began chanting “build a wall,” and Biden continued.

She later tweeted, “I’ll say it louder to the people behind: BUILD A WALL !!!”

Bobert, who was spotted on the phone during Biden’s speech, also criticized the president for his comments about vaccinating Americans.

“Why doesn’t Joe just wear a Pfizer pin instead of a flag? We need to know who he is actually working for. ” Bobert tweeted.

Breyer’s last cheers

Judge of the Supreme Court Stephen BreyerThe user’s reaction to the loud applause of members of Congress caused a chain of comments and messages.

Breer, who is due to step down from the Supreme Court this summer after 27 years on the bench, was shocked by the reaction and the loud applause. At one point he covered his face with his hands. He also put his hand on his heart and stood up.

“Tonight, I would like to honor someone who has dedicated his life to serving this country: Judge Breyer, an Army veteran, a constitutional scholar, a retired United States Supreme Court judge,” Biden said. “Judge Breer, thank you for your service.”

Among the many who commented on the moment was a former Democratic strategist Bernie Sanders adviser Chuck Roch, who tweeted, “Oh, Justice Breer is so cute with his reaction.”

Biden is making a trend of “funding the police” on Twitter

Members of Congress, including many Republicans, greeted President Biden with heartfelt congratulations with his line on police.

“We all have to agree: the answer is not to deprive the police. The answer is to FINANCE the police. Finance them. Fund them, ”he said as the hall erupted in loud shouts at a rare bipartisan demonstration of support.

In a speech Tuesday, he called on Congress to “take proven measures to reduce gun violence” and ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, but instead abolish “liability protections that make gun manufacturers the only industry in America that cannot be prosecuted.” .

However, as Congress encouraged Biden, many on Twitter entered into a heated debate over “freedom of police funding” versus “police funding”.

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