Five puppies will represent the Commonwealth at the 2023 Puppy Bowl

The lineup is set for this year’s Puppy Bowl.

Several dogs will represent Virginia during the three-hour bout.

One of them is a beagle that was rescued from the Envigo facility.

Erica Proctor is the founder of Green Dogs Unleashed. She says the puppy bowl brings awareness to their cause.

“Puppies from all over the country from shelters and rescues go to New York and compete on a big field,” Proctor said. “Puppy Bowl can highlight that so many of our animals have special needs or came into less than ideal situations.”

This year, five puppies are representing the Commonwealth on Team Fluff.

“They are Chickie Tinker, a deaf American Miniature American Shepherd,” Proctor said. “We have Kaden, a deaf Great Pyrenees-Australian mix. We had Yuliy, a deaf Dalmatian. We have Alison, now known as June, who was one of the Envigo puppies, and we have Velma, who has a Great Dane.”

The annual special highlights the incredible work of rescue and shelter workers who dedicate their lives to helping animals find their forever homes.

“It’s just a wonderful opportunity for our puppies to get good socialization, to have a great life experience and for the world to see how amazing special needs animals are,” Proctor said.

Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl 19 will feature 122 puppies from 67 shelters and rescues in 34 states. It will air on Sunday afternoon at 2:00 p.m

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