Firefighters from several counties rescued 16-year-old boy from Essex who found himself in a well

Essex County, Virginia (WRIC) – Fire and rescue crews in rural Essex County have successfully rescued a teenager from Virginia who found herself in a well last weekend.

Essex County Fire Chief Paul Richardson said the 16-year-old was playing in the backyard with a friend when he stepped on the wooden top cover of the well.

“The tire came out and he dived about thirty feet into the well,” he said.

Richardson called for mutual assistance. Then the fire and technical rescue teams of Hanover and Chesterfield responded. Richardson said he needed help because their special equipment was not working and he would not leave the store until next week.

Richardson said they lowered the oxygen tank and mask so the teen could breathe, and gave him a life jacket. In total, the teenager was stuck in the well for three hours.

“He was quite comfortable being trapped for a 16-year-old. He did very well and talked to us all the time, ”Richardson said.

A participant from the Hanover Fire and Ambulance was lowered into a well with a rope, tied a harness to a teenager and pulled out.

Matt Newell, chief of the Hanover County Operational Battalion, said they are not called that often, but when they are called, they are always ready.

“These types of calls are low frequency but high risk,” he said. “All of our people are trained in this specialty with ropes and all of its technical aspects that are slightly above the level of firefighters.”

Newell said their agency is about 40 minutes from the scene, but they are closest to the northern county. Chesterfield was also called upon to provide public resources.

The teenager was taken to VCU Medical Center, where he is now on the stable list. He is with his family and is expected to be fine.

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