DR Music Store reopens in Winton

VINTON, VA. – The owners of DR Music Store in Winton are delighted to reopen after a in July, a fire destroyed the enterprise.

“It’s a new beginning,” said Rhonda Ray, co-owner of the DR Music store.

Rhonda and her husband Donnie owned Music Store DR and said they wanted to create new memories.

“That’s our main thing, we didn’t want to give up the feel of Vinton and the Vinton community,” Rhonda Ray said.

They have been in business for 36 years and are delighted to reopen the street from their old location.

“It’s the greatest thing in the world, we came back for the community itself,” Donnie said.

After the store closed, the Rays were told their phones had been ringing non-stop and their parents needed tools for the camp.

“That’s the main reason we went back around the third week of August to some downtown offices,” Donnie said.

Dhoni said that even though they have the choice to return to space, they will delay.

“We’re never going back there just watching this thing burn. We’ll stay here, it’s a sad time for my family,” Dhoni said.

City leaders said the music store is important to the area and they look forward to seeing what happens at the site.

“We see it as a potential opportunity. We want to support these business and home owners and see what’s next,” Cody Sexton, assistant city manager.

Fire officials said the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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