DMV Virginia expands personal service capabilities

DMV Virginia will offer both receptions and passing services Monday through Friday at all 75 locations starting Wednesday.

Switching to DMV can be a headache, but for some it may be easier as the Virginia Department of Transportation location expands personal opportunities while retaining some alternatives starting Wednesday.

DMV Virginia will offer both receptions and services Monday through Friday at all 75 locations starting Wednesday, March 2, Transport Minister Shep Miller said in a news release. Walking services will still be available in some offices on Saturdays.

The admission record system will be upgraded to prioritize scheduled visits to the queue. It also allows customer service staff to upload a customer who is not on a scheduled appointment to help the visitor instead.

A change in the appointment system will highlight the percentage of personal meetings on weekdays depending on the size and location of the DMV office.

“We carefully studied the data and listened to our customers. Now we can meet everyone’s needs by offering the best of both worlds, ”said DMV Acting Commissioner Linda Ford.

“While we’ve seen a shift to alternative services such as online and mail, we also understand that sometimes you just need to visit the office,” Ford said. “We are excited to continue to offer customers a choice of service options.”

The department will continue to offer options online, mail, issuance, DMV Select and DMV Connect for services that do not require office visits.

In January, Virginia Gov. Glen Yangkin during a speech at the Virginia General Assembly noted the need to make the DMV more effective. He said the changes contribute to his goal of improving the way the state government serves Virginia residents.

“Therefore, expanding DMV’s appointments and making personal service available is only the first step toward improving customer service in the state government,” Yangkin said.

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