Direct schedule of “Flyers” for 2022

RICHMAND, Virginia (WRIC) – Fans of Richmond flying squirrels can expect a whole season of exciting promotional events.

The Squirrels have published their advertising schedule for the upcoming 2022 season, which features several brand new events, themed games and gifts.

More than 30 new promotional events are planned for next season, as well as the return of favorites. The fireworks show will take place on the opening night, as well as July 4 and every Thursday and Saturday home games, and the Squirrels will play the role of Las Ardilias Valadoras for several games this year.

Proteins will be released this year with another special form. Proteins will be worn on June 25 and 30 Captain Mike of America for “Defenders of the Diamond of Marvel.”

On September 16 and 17, the squirrels will be honored Richmond 34 with special knitwear to be auctioned off Charitable flying squirrels and the Richmond 34 Legacy campaign, as well as a T-shirt raffle. Richmond 34 is a group of students at the University of Virginia-Union who were arrested after sitting in protest at a white-only lunch table in Thalhimer’s department store in 1960.

Knitwear “Fauxback” in retro style will return to rotation this year after in 2021 such games received very good receptions, and during some Friday games the team will wear a special Friday RVA jersey.

Other well-known special games include Jackie Robinson Day, Thanksgiving James River, Thanksgiving and First Response Day. A full list of promotional games and special events scheduled for the 2022 protein season can be found here and their full season schedule can be found here.

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