Chesterfield will build 135 new housing units for dogs and cats

Chesterfield, Virginia (WRIC) – Chesterfield County is at the center of the housing boom, and each month the Planning Commission and the Supervisory Board approve hundreds of new housing units. While much of this housing is designed for people, the county’s new animal shelter will provide space for furry friends of all stripes.

The proposal was unanimously approved by the members of the planning committee at its meeting on February 15 and is likely to receive the approval of the Supervisory Board.

The county seeks to replace its old animal service buildings, which, according to the zoning application submitted by the county, “no longer meet the needs of the animal service and do not allow future development and service to the county’s residents.”

A plan of the facility is provided by Chesterfield County.

The facility will have a kennel for 78 dogs and 57 cats, as well as a barn for pets and a playground for outdoor activities.

The county also intends to eventually build a separate adoption center to help relocate the animals, but in the meantime the new facility will host adoption services as they “increasingly move to
a virtual format with the recent pandemic ”.

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