Chesterfield men’s trailer stolen in shopping mall loses thousands of equipment

Chesterfield County, Virginia (WRIC) – A man from Chesterfield lost equipment for thousands of dollars after his work trailer was taken out of the parking lot next to his work earlier this week.

Kevin Heath told 8News that last morning he was heading to work at the Window Depot in Midlothian when he noticed his 14-foot trailer was missing.

“I didn’t plan to come to work because of the rain, but we still decided to come and drive,” Heath said. “The trailer was not here. The tools and everything are gone. “

Heath usually parks his trailer, full of tools he uses to work in the parking lot across the street from Walmart and next to Crustacean Boil N Grill on Walmart Way.

Chesterfield police said the closed-end trailer was stolen at some point between 12:00 a.m. Wednesday and 7 a.m. Thursday from the 2000 Walmart Way quarter.

According to Heath, the culprit left on the ground a hook for the U-Haul ball.

Heath said the total loss is about $ 7,000.

“I thought he was towed away. I hoped so, but not so, ”Heath said.

Heath told 8News that although some of the tools in the trailer belonged to Window Depot, most belonged to him. The trailer carried various items, such as an aluminum brake for $ 1,800 and stairs.

“I hope to at least get my trailer back. That’s the main thing, ”Heath said. “I’m not worried about the tools. I can replace them. “

Heath said he spent hours driving and searching the area, but remained in a good mood and hoped he or someone would find him.

“It must be somewhere, if not destroyed,” Heath said.

Trailer – “Victory” 2014 release, with number 828889TL. Heath said the trailer is not square and pressed to one side.

Chesterfield detectives are investigating the theft and are asking anyone with information about the trailer to call Chesterfield police or solve the crime.

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