Chesapeake authorities warn of fraud with jury duties

Chesapeake, Virginia (Wavy) – According to authorities, some senior Chesapeake citizens have been targeted by fraudsters.

The Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office (CSO) says it has received several reports of “juror fraud.”

The scam works like this: first the fraudster calls the elder, then pretends to be a deputy from the CSO and convinces the elder that they missed the duties of the jury. The scammer will claim that the senior has an arrest warrant and he or she must pay bail immediately.

According to the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office, a request for payment over the phone or through a smartphone app will never come from them. Also, they will never negotiate payment instead of arrest.

Chesapeake Sheriff Jim O’Sullivan urges residents not to succumb to it.

If you have any questions regarding the warrant, contact the Chesapeake Sheriff’s Office at 757-382-6159.

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