Brooke Burke shares her rules for staying in shape at any age

For the actor, influencer and entrepreneur, fitness is essentially a second language. The popular TV host has been taking the health and wellness industry by storm one workout at a time.

At the age of 51 Dancing with the stars winner shouts fitspiration – proving that your exercise goals don’t have to fall by the wayside as you get older.

After launching her new line of superfood supplements, LongevityI caught up with Burke to talk about her top rules for maintaining a fitness journey at any age:

#1 Keep it real. “Self care it is a daily practice. People think it will be easy or that it will come naturally, but I can’t help but agree,” says the 51-year-old. She adds that it’s a conscious choice, a commitment, and any commitment requires consistent work. Thinking about positive results , who are waiting for the other side, is one way to stay motivated. “Knowing that there is something on the other side of a lot of sweat keeps me motivated,” Burke says. – I feel much better after the workout than when I start it, – she adds.

#2 Schedule “me time” as you schedule other tasks. “Make a promise to yourself to make yourself a priority and commit to keeping that personal promise. You are worth it,” says Burke. “I kill training in the morning. It gives me a boost of energy to do everything else in my life,” she shares. “I schedule it like I schedule everything else—business meetings, kids’ sports events, etc. It also teaches my kids to value ‘me time,'” says the mom-entrepreneur.

#3 Learn to hold yourself accountable. Accountability is about taking responsibility for your choices. Some people make excuses about time or lack of energy, but the truth is, you’re more likely to stay motivated to achieve your goals if you hold yourself accountable to a personal promise, Burke says. Setting small and realistic goals, regularly tracking your progress, teaming up with a workout buddy, and rewarding yourself for reaching milestones are some simple ways to keep yourself accountable. fitness travel.

#4 Don’t shy away from cheat days. “I try to eat something similar to the Mediterranean diet – lean meats, fish, crunchy vegetables, olive oil and green tea. I avoid starches, flours, processed foods and saturated fats. But I [also] enjoy a decadent meal every now and then, and I don’t beat myself up about it, says Burke. “There isn’t a restaurant in the world where I can’t find great food,” she shares. At home, a cheat day for me would be red wine and pizza with olive oil, olives and jalapeños,” adds the fitness influencer.

#5 Try to stay in tune with your body. “Be a personal detective and understand your body, because what works for me may not work for you, and what works for you may fail me,” says Brooke Burke’s body the founder.

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